Who should you hire?

Home inspectors are often referred by family or friends. Past clients and word of mouth based on our reputation represent more than 80% of bookings we receive. And we’re proud of that! Your real estate agent can also provide you with a list of inspectors. Look for an inspector with experience and training. Look also for someone who is committed to the region and to the people who live in the area.

Ensure that the inspector you choose is licensed by the Government of Alberta. Since September 1, 2011, only licensed, approved (by the province) inspectors are allowed, by law, to conduct home inspections. This is your assurance that your inspector meets a minimum level of training and experience, including ongoing training. It is your right to demand proof of licensing from the inspector you hire. Ask to see their licence; all inspectors are required to provide their licence on request.

Do not hire someone who will do any recommended work or renovations on the home; that is a clear conflict of interest. Be assured: while we also receive referrals from realtors, we have no association or fee arrangement with any party. That would be a clear conflict of interest as well. In fact, following an inspection by Spruceview, we will not even discuss the results of your home inspection with your realtor (or anyone else) unless you give permission for that to occur. Spruceview works for you – and you only. 

Spruceview’s primary goal is to protect your interests.



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