Communication skills

One of the most important qualities of any inspector is the ability to communicate findings clearly and concisely. In addition to having technical knowledge, your Spruceview inspector can deliver inspection findings and answer questions in an understandable and professional manner.

At Spruceview, we prefer if clients can attend the inspection – you get so much more out of it. Although you will receive a complete written report (an extensive 18-20 page document), we encourage you to accompany your inspector through the house and ask any questions you may have – this way, your specific concerns can be addressed, and you’ll get a better understanding of the home’s condition and of any repairs or maintenance issues that may need attention. Your one-on-one tour with the inspector also provides background and context when you are referring to the written report.

Accompanying the inspector has an added benefit: it will give you an opportunity to take advantage of more than 40 years of home renovation and inspection experience – just in case you have plans for renos or upgrades and need suggestions and ideas for how best to plan the space and what structurally can be considered in your planning. As well, we like to think the value-added benefit of a Spruceview inspection is the home maintenance education you can expect. This can be especially helpful to first-time homebuyers, young couples, or those buyers new to the area.


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